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Welcome to the Mariana Cove Discussion and Blog page. This is a discussion and response page for Mariana Cove home-owners to discuss ideas and topics in more depth than we might be able to do on our Facebook site.

We hope that all neighbors wishing to express their ideas and constructive comments for the rest of the neighborhood to think about and respond to, can do so on this discussion/blog site. If you wish to leave a comment, simply type in the box below a post and the comment will be posted once the admin has moderated it as appropriate (avoids Spam and destructive content).

If you wish to submit some content to be included as a content post on this page, please contact the media liaison Richard Jurin (richard.jurin@gmail.com). All submissions for this page will be subject to the page editors scrutiny prior to posting. All NEW posts will be listed on the right-hand side of this page with earliest to latest under their specific Titles.