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Design Review Committee

The Design Review Committee (also known as DRC, ARC or ACC) is established under the Declaration of the Mariana Cove Home Owner’s Association. Its members are appointed by the Executive Board and are responsible for the establishment and administration of Design Guidelines to facilitate the purpose and intent of the Covenants of the Mariana Cove Home Owners Association. In essence, the duty of the DRC is to exercise best judgment to see that all improvements conform and harmonize with such theme and with any existing structures as to external design, quality and type of construction, seals, materials, color, location on the building site, height, grade and finished ground elevation, and the schemes and aesthetic considerations set forth in the Design Guidelines and other Association documents.  The DRC is specific to the Cove but the Shores do have a liason member on the committee to maintain consistency throughout the neighborhood. 

If you are planning improvements to the exterior of your home, please submit an Application form for DRC review. You can make arrangements through one of the Committee members or else with the Property Manager’s office. Please note, although the DRC will work to expedite every Application review, this process can take 1-2 weeks or even longer depending on the complexity of your improvement project. 

The form when completed should be sent to Sheree 

Lastly, in the spirit of community and neighborliness we recommend reviewing your improvement project plans with your immediate neighbors.

Thank you for your cooperation and please us know if we can be of assistance.

Carl Bock carl.bock@colorado.edu 970-593-0343      
Gary Buschy gary_buschy@yahoo.com 970-800-5097
Jim Popa, Chairperson jop45@msn.com 303-641-5038 

Most recent forms can also be found at http://bit.ly/CoveDocs


Application Project form

Send completed (hardcopy or e-copy) applications via mail or email to:

Property Manager: Evernest Property Management Services, 2121 Midpoint Drive, Suite #302, FortCollins, CO  80525       to attention of  Community Association Manager - Krystin Boyd, Email: Kboyd@evernest.co     Tel: 970-282-8281

(please note the DRC chairperson is Jim Popa for all questions and queries)

Jim Popa,

DRC Chairperson               

5592 Mystic Owl Ct

Loveland, CO  80537

Queries and online applications - email: jop45@msn.com  

Queries - phone: 303-641-5038