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The Website is updated regularly - please check for updates on each page.
Major anouncements come via this website, your email, our HOA Facebook page, and on a flyer next to the mailboxes.
As of January 7, 2022, OnSite (now Evernest) Property Managers will be hosting much of our communications and WEB Presence.
Next HOA board meetings in 2023 - all scheduled with Zoom. Invites to join will be sent by Evernest email link
April 12, 6pm
July 12, 6pm - zoom
Oct 11
Dec 13-annual meeting

The 2023 board members are Jay Ackerman (Treasurer), Beth Hemstreet (President), Merry Popa (Member at Large), Randy Payne (Vicepresident) and Kim Schatz (Member at Large). 

Community Associaton Manager: Krystin Boyd(Kboyd@evernest.co)


Social Events Covid has put a big dent in our ability to get toegther, but we are open to various venues to get together during the year. BUT, we need VOLUNTEERS to organize them!
Women’s Book club  Ice Cream Social Summer Shores Summer Regatta
Community Garage Sale
4th of July Parade-July
Holiday Party –Dec.

These meetings are a real part of the community, meet new people, and have lots of fun. Contact Judy Martens judyjoymartens@gmail.com 970-613-8609.

More rolling information can be found on our Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/groups/marianacove/